Jewellery & Valuables

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Here’s a good idea. Have your jewellery and valuables photographically catalogued.

How would you describe your favourite ring or necklace or ornament? You can see the picture in your head, but how do you tell someone else. Can you remember what you have? Insurance companies these days often want evidence of ownership of our valuables, receipts etc., which of course we may not have. A good quality, dated, photograph would be very useful in the event of an insurance claim, clearly identifying the lost, stolen or damaged items.
I am offering a jewellery and valuables photography service. I will travel to you if you wish, so it can all be done in the comfort of your own home. Many of us have jewellery, family heirlooms or things that are precious to us, items of sentimental value, gifts maybe, with no receipts for them of course, like so many things we have.
Very specialized lighting and camera equipment are used and every care is taken of course. You can choose between conventional printed photographs or very high resolution jpeg images on a compact disk(CD).

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