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House Sales Tips - The Entrance

Few of us stand outside our front door long enough to examine it. However, most of us could quickly list a few simple improvements that have been on the "to do" list for just too long. Buyers will look for negatives to reinforce hastily conceived opinions, or simply items to mention in conversation to you, or the agent to justify a price decrease.

Yes this is exactly what potential buyers will do when they approach your home.

The first impression you create will be a lasting one in the eyes of your viewers.

Bear in mind that they are likely to look at the entrance, either standing on the road outside or from the comfort of their car, for a period of time before coming to knock at your door.

Does your property have “curb appeal”? If not, do not despair, it can, with a little help, be made more attractive, for sometimes very little effort.

There are many simple and economical improvements you can make to achieve this.

Your property must be welcoming and inviting.

Here are a few suggestions :

• During spring and summer the installation of a few pots and hanging baskets adorned with colourful blooms will always add cheer to an otherwise bland entrance.

• During the winter months, baskets and pots can be replaced with tubs containing miniature conifers or clipped yew, bay or box, all of which will create an air of style and elegance.

• Replace rusty door furniture with new lacquered brass, which won’t need constant polishing. Remove any nails/screws that may remain in the door, upon which the Christmas decorations were hung!

• Check that the door bell is in good working order and that welcome lights operate properly.

• Replace any broken or cracked paving slabs and brighten up the rest with either a pressure washer, or with a suitable chemical cleaner available from most hardware stores.

• Make sure any entrance gate opens easily and shuts firmly, and oil the hinges to prevent them from squeaking.

• Ensure that the number/name of the property is clearly visible from the road.

• If possible, avoid parking vehicles on the entrance driveway as this will obscure the front aspect of your property, or at best, it will create an obstacle that viewers will have to navigate around.

• Pay particular attention to the front garden which should be kept neat and tidy. Ensure hedges are pruned back and lawns are regularly clipped.

•Consider comparing and contrasting your own property, with that of your neighbours. You can evaluate which are the most appealing and adapt any useful ideas, incorporating them into your own home.

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